Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Excusing the past, changing the present and making it appear that it is all part of the plan. How is it that one can look at the past, and even origin, of the LDS church and, through strange and broken reason, justify the idea that it is all good now.
The priesthood Vs. black men. To me, this is a very fascinating situation; and for several reasons. There are different rationales that are attempts to credit the decisions made. There are arguments as to why God has made this such a controversy. I enjoy this topic, because I think it brings to surface the real, raw, inescapable problems of the Mormon church’s past. Even one of the prophets, on national television, found himself attempting to skirt the question and avoid the ultimate proof: The simple fact that there is no real excuse or legitimate justification that will satisfy even the smallest portion of the threat of racism and inequality that is the Mormon Church. When I say, the Mormon Church, I do not just mean the church in the old days. I also do not mean the present church. I mean both of them together. I do not believe they can be separated. There are too many parts of the religion that stem from the same origin and are still accepted today. For example, women not able to have the priesthood originates from the same time period. However, this concept remains upheld today. Why? I believe it is because women have not pressed the issue. It has not become a huge social issue that has become completely unavoidable. Racism did not matter at the time that the ‘revelation’ was implemented. The ban was then lifted when it was no longer acceptable to separate by color. However, when you look at the time frame of allowing the black race to obtain the gift of the priesthood, it clearly demonstrates the idea that the church leaders held on to the separation for as long as possible. Yes, the revolution occurred years prior to the lift, and many use this fact to demonstrate that this was a true revelation from God and not a social construct. They argue that if this was a social change, it would have been done years prior during the changes involving Mr. King. I say it is because the leaders of the church rode it out, resisted, for as long as they could. Look at the Prop8 situation now. The church is completely against the ‘gay agenda’ and are doing everything they can to keep them excluded. However, as will be demonstrated over the next few years, the Lord will slowly reveal the ideas that will allow homosexuals more inclusion in the mainstream church. The reason for this is because of the social pressure that will be put upon the organization; just like that of when the black members of the church were allowed the same privileges as the white members. Just look at what is happening in San Francisco. Five years ago, the church would state that being gay is an abomination. Two years ago they came out and said that some people have gay tendencies, and they are welcome to participate in the church functions, so long as they did not act on their ‘problem’. This year, the church made a big public relation move by notifying the world that they put an openly gay man in San Francisco in a power position in the church. Perhaps by learning from the past, they are trying to do this slowly as to hopefully fly under the radar. This a great strategy for them, because when they take that final leap of total inclusion, it won't be drastic; and it will almost seem as if it is the next logical step for God to take. Oh how the money will talk. Can you truly find any other reason to fight PROP8 other than preserving the opportunity to make and keep more money?  If you can, let the church know, because they are having a hard time actually coming up with an excuse.

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